TENT – De troost van een tent; JAS – Gedragen verleden; JURK – Flarden zomerjurk 1979 herleven 2021


A file of annual accounts as a way of setting up and making accessible an artist’s archive: a charming idea that caused a certain amount of controversy within the jury. Some saw this as a smart tool for artists – some would even like one of their own – while others wondered aloud whether artists would want to be associated with the language of bureaucracy, filing systems and annual accounts. In this case, the form in any event suits the content: artist Mirjam Hagoort’s work is all about analysis, dissection, systems and ordering. This form, including the file, is therefore appropriate. The jury was also divided on the decision to create a different edition for each of the three projects. Some jury members considered this to be a good translation of each of the individual projects, and saw sufficient consistency to make them a unified whole. But other members of the jury considered it a shame that a choice was not made to find a system capable of combining the three projects within a single book. The jury was however unanimous in its view that a great deal of care and attention have been lavished on the materiality of each of the three separate publications in the file. The paper types and formats chosen have been carefully coordinated with the subject of each project. From a technical viewpoint, this publication is of a good standard: the images are nice and clear and the level of finishing high. Pleasing details such as a swatch of original fabric in each edition of TENT contribute to the personal feel of an artistic publication.

Edition: 2022
Date of publication: 2022
Author: Mirjam Hagoort
Language: Dutch
Image editor: Yvonne van Versendaal
Photographer: Roos Aldershoff
Artist: Mirjam Hagoort
Publisher: Mirjam Hagoort (self-published), Amsterdam
Available through: Bookshop, webshop
Graphic designer: Yvonne van Versendaal (Amsterdam)
Lithographer: Roos Aldershoff, Amsterdam
Printer: Pantheon Drukkers (TENT; JAS; SLEEVE), EPS Drukkers (JURK), Velsen Noord, Amsterdam
Binder: J. Voetelink Grafische afwerking, Haarlem
Size book block (w x h x d in mm): Sleeve: 255 x 350 x 10; TENT: 210 x 290 x 2; JAS: 230 x 320 x 4; JURK: 720 x 1020, folded to 240 x 340
Number of pages: TENT: 24; JAS: 72; JURK: 2
Print run: TENT: 50; JAS: 100; JURK: 100
Price: € 110
Font and foundry: Sleeve: Helvetica Condensed (Linotype), TENT: Roboto Condensed (Google Fonts), JAS: Helvetica Condensed (Linotype), JURK: Helvetica Condensed (Linotype)
Binding style: TENT: singer-sewn with red thread JAS: stapled to the jacket JURK: folded
Paper for interior (grammage): TENT: 140gsm Arena® Rough White; JAS: 80gsm BIO TOP 3®; JURK: 70gsm Cyclus Offset, Fedrigoni, Igepa, Antalis
Material cover (grammage): TENT: 250gsm Arena® Smooth White; JAS: 250gsm BIO TOP 3®, Fedrigoni, Igepa
Special features: MAP die-cut and printed digitally in black, JAS and TENT printed digitally in CMYK, JURK plotted in black; TENT contains a glued piece of original fabric measuring 150 x 150 mm. Sleeve: 300 grams Fotokarton Chamois08 (L. Jansen Buntpapierfabrik)