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Book coverOns lichaam
Book coverOns lichaam
Book coverOns lichaam
Book coverOns lichaam

A beautifully detailed voyage of discovery through the human body. Superb lithographs built up from large and small flaps that layer over one another take us through deeper and deeper levels. Starting with muscles, the nervous system, the system of blood vessels and the skeleton. This is followed by a trip through our organs, brains and reproductive system – in the latter, we can even follow, step by step, how a foetus grows from conception to birth. The attractive, large format is an invitation to endless discovery. Stylistically, the choices made are strong ones. The colour palette, for example – consisting in each case of three Pantone colours plus black (sometimes changing on each flap) – is warm and rugged and anything but standard. The binding, a singer-sewn cahier in a hard cover but with the spine separate from the body, is an appropriate reference to scientific dossiers. The use of language is likewise deserving of praise: the explanation accompanying the various components is clear and concise, and in relation to the medical terms when in doubt between a Latin term or the Dutch translation, the translator has always opted for the most appealing term. A painstakingly crafted book that has clearly been made with young, curious readers in mind. But one which, thanks to the high level of detail, also evokes wonder in adults.

Edition: 2022
Date of publication: September 2022
Author: Joëlle Jolivet
Language: Dutch
Translator: Agnes Brunt
Illustrator: Joëlle Jolivet
Publisher: Uitgeverij De Harmonie, Amsterdam
Available through: Bookshop, webshop
Graphic designer: Joëlle Jolivet, Laurene Moinot (Ivry sur Seine (FR) ), Rudy Vrooman (Zaandam)
Lithographer: Rudy Vrooman, Zaandam
Printer: Asia Pacific Offset Ltd, Hongkong (CN)
Binder: Asia Pacific Offset Ltd, Hongkong (CN)
Size book block (w x h x d in mm): 250 x 420 x 6 mm
Number of pages: 16 pp. + 37 flappen
Print run: 4000
Price: € 29.90
ISBN: 9789463361439
Font and foundry: PMN Caecilia® Sans (Monotype), Mrs Eaves XL (Emigre)
Binding style: Hardcover, 3 mm greyboard, interior singer-sewn (white thread), last page of the interior is glued to the inside of the band
Paper for interior (grammage): 210gsm woodfree offset, onbekend / not known
Material cover (grammage): 140gsm woodfree offset, onbekend / not known
Special features: Outside band and interior printed in Pantone 1915 (pink), Pantone 7702 (blue), Pantone 114 (yellow) and black, coated, inner side band printed in Pantone 1915 (pink) on one side and coated, text for the back cover included as a separate sheet 250 x 420 mm, printed in CMYK on one side, 140gsm wood-free offset (supplier unknown), interior has 37 printed, die-cut fold-outs