Johannes Langkamp

Hold That Thought

Book coverHold That Thought
Edition: 2022
Release date: May 2022
Language: Dutch, English, German
Translator: Gabriël Juursema, Sigrid Kullmann
Final editor: Rianne Zijderveld
Picture editor: Rianne Zijderveld, Art Collart
Photographer: Sander van Wettum, Titia Hahne, Jeroen Arians, Johannes Langkamp
Artist: Johannes Langkamp (text: Sandra Smets)
Publisher: Unformed Informed (Publishing), Rotterdam
Available through: Bookshop, webshop
Designer: Art Collart (Rotterdam)
Printer: Edauw & Johannissen, Pijnacker
Binder: Handboekbinderij Meijer, Nijmegen
Dimensions: 220 x 300 x 14
Amount of pages: 144
Number of copies: 600
Price: € 28
ISBN: 978 9 08299 325 7
Font and foundry: Gopher Display, Gopher Mono (Adam Ladd)
Binding style: Centre stitching
Paper interior: 90gsm EOS 2.0, Igepa
Cover material: 240gsm Munken Pure, Antalis
Other technical features: A 'book-specific work' in the heart of the book; cover with die cut