Book coverBloom
Book coverBloom
Book coverBloom
Book coverBloom

Fantastic, was the jury’s verdict on this translation of an archive of botanical illustrations into an extremely fine object with very strong material qualities. The central concept of Bloom is that flowers bloom in sunlight. The designer has translated this into the experience of a book by dividing the drawings of flowers into two and printing these on two sequential pages: the stem is printed on the first page, the complete flower on the second. When light falls onto the pages, stem (front page) and flower (next page) come together to form a single image. A strong concept that is consistently implemented throughout the book with almost sectarian zeal, and with incredible attention to detail. The finish and execution are of a very high level, and this in combination with the consistently applied concept makes for a pretty much perfect whole. Almost too perfect, perhaps; the jury would have liked a little surprise here and there; a sprinkle of colour, an insect emerging from a flower. In short: something to pleasantly break up the rigid rhythm a little. That said, this is simply a very impressive publication of extremely high quality, particularly for a student project.

Edition: 2022
Date of publication: June 2022
Author: Woobok Lee
Language: English
Final editor: Woobok Lee
Image editor: Woobok Lee
Illustrator: Woobok Lee
Artist: Woobok Lee
Publisher: Woobok Lee (ArtEZ Arnhem), self-published, Arnhem
Graphic designer: Woobok Lee (Arnhem)
Printer: ArtEZ Arnhem (printed by Woobok Lee), Arnhem
Binder: ArtEZ Arnhem (hand-bound by Woobok Lee), Arnhem
Size book block (w x h x d in mm): 200 x 280 x 11
Number of pages: 228
Print run: 9
Font and foundry: Turnip (DJR)
Binding style: Sewn softcover, cover is glued to the book block using side bonding (with double-sided tape)
Paper for interior (grammage): 60gsm IBO One, 80gsm Satogami Pinegreen, Igepa, Takeo
Endpapers (grammage): 80gsm Satogami Sephia, Takeo
Material cover (grammage): 330gsm Les Naturals VertLoden, Gmund
Special features: Cover and interior printed digitally in black