Woobok Lee


Book coverBloom
Edition: 2022
Release date: June 2022
Language: English
Final editor: Woobok Lee
Picture editor: Woobok Lee
Illustrator: Woobok Lee
Artist: Woobok Lee
Publisher: ArtEZ Arnhem (Afdeling Grafisch Ontwerp), Arnhem
Designer: Woobok Lee (Arnhem)
Printer: ArtEZ (Woobok Lee; Canon imagepress c810), Arnhem
Binder: Woobok Lee, Arnhem
Dimensions: 200 x 280 x 11
Amount of pages: 228
Font and foundry: Turnip (DJR)
Binding style: Unsewn softcover; spine glued with linen, perfect binding
Paper interior: 60gsm IBO One, 80gsm Satogami Pinegreen, 80gsm Satogami Sephia
Cover material: 330gsm Gmund Les Naturals