Peter Delpeut


Book coverFootprint
Book coverFootprint
Book coverFootprint
Book coverFootprint

Hats off to the binder of this complex book! Footprint is made up of two printing sheets, ingeniously folded together to make 64 pages. The content is an investigation of the relationship between map and landscape; the form is an investigation of the relationship between map and book. This is not an atlas – rather, it has the look of a field guide. An impression reinforced by the book’s materiality and format; from the supple linen-coated cover to the choice of paper for the body. Although the jury were not fully able to comprehend the visual investigation, this is a book that through its form and rhythm invites the reader to delve further into its mysteries. And, in spite of the initially complex-looking navigation, with just a little study this turns out to be pretty easy. Subtle details, such as the fact that the contour of an airstrip – a recurring motif within the investigation – is printed on one side in UV ink, make Footprint an object that intrigues and fascinates.

Edition: 2022
Release date: September 2022
Language: English
Translator: Céline Linssen
Final editor: Hannah Vernier
Artist: Gerco de Ruijter, Peter Delpeut
Publisher: Fw:Books, Amsterdam
Available through: Bookshop, webshop
Designer: Hans Gremmen (Amsterdam)
Lithographer: robstolk®, Amsterdam
Printer: robstolk®, Amsterdam
Binder: Voetelink Grafische Afwerking, Haarlem
Dimensions: 170 x 240 x 6 mm
Amount of pages: 112
Number of copies: 750
Price: € 27.25
ISBN: 9789083225159
Font and foundry: SF Pro (Apple Fonts)
Binding style: Front cover with flaps, on the inside of the front and back boards two 680 x 960 mm sheets have been glued, cut and folded to 170 x 240 mm
Paper interior: 130gsm Munken Lynx, Antalis
Cover material: Brillianta Callandré 34192, lamineted with 240gsm Munken Lynx, Van Heek Textiles, Antalis
Other technical features: Black and white foil on cover (KURZ Colorit 912 and KURZ Colorit 911) (Repro Hermans, Rotterdam), interior printed in CMYK and on one side spot UV varnish