Antonis Pittas

jaune, geel, gelb, yellow. Monochrome

Book coverjaune, geel, gelb, yellow. Monochrome
Edition: 2022
Release date: January 2022
Language: Eglish, French, Dutch
Translator: Lisa Bakker (D/E pp. 658, 66-669), Michael Meert (F/E pp. 84-85), Robert van de Walle (D/E pp. 364-369, 489-495, 702,703)
Final editor: Lisa Bakker, Eleonoor Jap Sam
Picture editor: Alex Farrar
Photographer: Antonis Pittas
Artist: Antonis Pittas (texts: Antonis Pittas, Maria Barnas, I.K. Bonset, Laurie Cluitmans, Johan F. Hartle, Dirk van den Heuvel, Bram Ieven, Bruno Latour, Thalia Ostendorf, Bart Rutten, Doris Wintgens)
Publisher: Jap Sam Books (Eleonoor Jap Sam), Prinsenbeek
Available through: Bookshop, webshop
Designer: Alex Farrar (Amsterdam)
Lithographer: die Keure, Brugge (BE)
Printer: die Keure, Brugge (BE)
Binder: Brepols Bookbinders, Turnhout (BE)
Dimensions: 100 x 200 x 50
Amount of pages: 768
Number of copies: 1000
Price: € 37
ISBN: 978-94-92852-44-1
Font and foundry: Caracteres, Highway Gothic, DIN Alternate, Transport D
Binding style: Sewn hardcover with fluorescent yellow threads; spine glued with transparant glue
Paper interior: 115gsm Condat matt Perigord
Cover material: 280gsm Invercote G 0/0, with fluorescent yellow reflex foil, Reflexfolie / Sign & Safety
Other technical features: Interior: 3/3, 2x Pantone Safety Yellow (100%) + Pantone Metallic Silver; edges of blook block printed in colour; silver self-adhesive paper with information on the book