jaune, geel, gelb, yellow. Monochrome

Book coverjaune, geel, gelb, yellow. Monochrome
Book coverjaune, geel, gelb, yellow. Monochrome
Book coverjaune, geel, gelb, yellow. Monochrome
Book coverjaune, geel, gelb, yellow. Monochrome
Book coverjaune, geel, gelb, yellow. Monochrome

A marvellous protest object, this work of art in the form of a book. The shape and dimensions refer to a house brick and so immediately evoke associations with Paris 1968, revolutionary groups and other forms of protest. At the same time, it’s more than a brick, as the bright yellow reflective foil covering the boards is unmistakeably associated with more recent disruptors of the established order: the ‘yellow vests’. Their characteristic uniform is the leading style element in ‘jaune’ – also in the interior, which is printed entirely in fluorescent yellow and silver-coloured ink. The finish tends towards technical perfection, the attention to detail bordering on the fanatical. The glued spine demonstrates the accuracy of the folding, the coloured edge printing is a neat touch that reinforces the impression of a solid chunk of brick. In spite of the unorthodox combination of inks, the pages are surprisingly legible. Thanks to the use of varnish, fingerprints on the metallic ink are not an issue. The jury were less impressed by the separate sheet of stickers on the front, as this detracts from the sense of a brick. Nevertheless, the logic behind this choice is understandable with an eye to distribution; particularly if the book, which alongside images also contains various academic texts, is to circulate further than the circuit of art bookshops and gallery spaces. But is it more than an impressive object? Some members of the jury thought that the pages themselves don’t really invite intensive browsing, while others saw much of interest in the content (both in terms of images and the many academic texts).

Edition: 2022
Date of publication: January 2022
Author: Antonis Pittas
Language: English, French, Dutch
Translator: Lisa Bakker, Michael Meert, Robert van de Walle
Final editor: Lisa Bakker, Aaron Bogart, Eleonoor Jap Sam, Robert van de Walle
Image editor: Alex Farrar
Photographer: Antonis Pittas
Artist: Antonis Pittas (texts: Antonis Pittas, Maria Barnas, I.K. Bonset, Laurie Cluitmans, Johan F. Hartle, Dirk van den Heuvel, Bram Ieven, Bruno Latour, Thalia Ostendorf, Bart Rutten, Doris Wintgens)
Publisher: Jap Sam Books (Eleonoor Jap Sam), Prinsenbeek
Available through: Bookshop, webshop
Graphic designer: Alex Farrar (Amsterdam)
Lithographer: die Keure, Brugge (BE)
Printer: die Keure, Brugge (BE)
Binder: Brepols Bookbinders, Turnhout (BE)
Size book block (w x h x d in mm): 100 x 200 x 50 mm
Number of pages: 768
Print run: 1000
Price: € 37
ISBN: 9789492852441
Font and foundry: DIN Alternate (Linotype), Transport D (URW Type Foundry), Caracteres, Highway Gothic
Binding style: Sewn softcover, transparently glued-off spine, With boards stuck to the first and last pages of the interior, hot melt gluing
Paper for interior (grammage): 115gsm Condat Matt Perigord 1.1, Igea
Material cover (grammage): 280gsm Invercote G, glued with fluorescent-yellow reflecting foil (Reflexfolie.nl), Igepa, Reflexfolie
Special features: Interior printed in Safety Yellow 13-0630TN (fluorescent yellow) and Pantone 877 (silver), sewn with fluorescent yellow thread, edges of book block printed in Safety Yellow (Critis, Beernem (BE)), with a separate sheet of stickers, screen-printed in Pantone 877 (silver) on transparent, self-adhesive vinyl 100µ (Antalis), with ‘kiss-cut’ (die Keure).