Architecture of Dismantling and Restructuring

Spaces of Danish Welfare 1970 – Present

Book coverArchitecture of Dismantling and Restructuring
Book coverArchitecture of Dismantling and Restructuring
Book coverArchitecture of Dismantling and Restructuring
Book coverArchitecture of Dismantling and Restructuring

A good reader with interesting content which makes an impression that immediately reveals the combination of publisher plus design. In that sense, this book is a little predictable; we often see this binding, for example – sewn hardback in a half-linen band – used for this genre. Nevertheless, this reader stands out, thanks mainly to the immense richness of the graphic elements and visualisations. These are clear, informative and drawn with great consistency and give this book an inviting visual layer. Furthermore: it makes a beautiful, well-made, fresh impression. The use of colour is also exceptional, with purple, turquoise and red Pantone colours perfectly complementing the lively content while at the same time serving a conceptual purpose. The purple maps, diagrams and illustrations, for example, refer to the 1970s, and turquoise to the present. In the essays, red text in a serif typeface refers to visualisations (the pages of which have a red border). Touches that transform this thorough reader into a really attractive book, conveying an explosion of information in an ordered, accessible way and with seductive presentation.

Edition: 2022
Date of publication: May 2022
Author: Kirsten Marie Raahauge, Deane Simpson, Martin Søberg, Katrine Lotz (editor)
Language: English
Final editor: Keonaona Peterson
Illustrator: Design Visualisations SJG: Joost Grootens, Philipp Doringer, Julie da Silva, Dimitri Jeannottat
Publisher: Lars Müller Publishers, Zürich (CH)
Available through: Bookshop, webshop
Graphic designer: SJG (Joost Grootens, Dimitri Jeannottat, Philipp Doringer, Julie da Silva) (Amsterdam)
Lithographer: Marjeta Morinc, Zürich
Printer: Wilco Art Books, Amersfoort
Binder: Wilco Art Books, Amersfoort
Size book block (w x h x d in mm): 170 x 240 x 40 mm
Number of pages: 464
Print run: 3000
Price: € 40
ISBN: 9783037786918
Font and foundry: Monument Grotesk (Dinamo), Bradford (Lineto)
Binding style: Sewn hardcover with rounded spine, over 1.5 mm greyboard, cold-glued, headbands in two different colours (purple and turquoise)
Paper for interior (grammage): 115gsm Munken Print White 15, Antalis
Endpapers (grammage): 140gsm Nordland hv offset, Igepa
Material cover (grammage): Wibalin® Natural 530 Ruby, Natuurlinnen 1085, Winter & Company, Van Heek Textiles
Special features: Band printed in black, embossing in black (KURZ Colorit 912) and white (23 DGC glans wit) on front cover and spine (Wilco Art Books), interior printed in black, yellow, Pantone Violet (purple), Pantone Warm Red (red) and Pantone 3135 (turquoise)
Awards: Bronze Medal - Best Book Design from all over the World 2023