As Above, So Below

Book coverAs Above, So Below
Book coverAs Above, So Below
Book coverAs Above, So Below
Book coverAs Above, So Below

The exciting colour combination of deep brown and purple immediately draws the eye to this monograph. The typography and technical execution leave something to be desired here and there: for example, the shoulder is not quite right, and the spine has been made too narrow in combination with the linen. Nonetheless, this is still a very eye-catching book. This is thanks – alongside the use of colour on the outside and the attractive edge colouring on three sides – principally to the way in which the interior has been made. As Above, So Below???? documents the work of Ruchama Noorda over a period of twenty years, exploring various spiritual and historical movements – such as the nineteenth-century Lebensreform – in relation to her work (multimedia, installations and performances). Allocating each chapter its own earth tint achieves a wonderful colour scheme as well as a clear sense of unity among these different projects spread over a long chronological period. The lay-out is somewhere between a book and a magazine, which makes for a refreshing impression in such a sizeable oeuvre book. The cover is problematic. The combination of serious linen with the smiley in the title is rather strange, and the embossed logo gives the impression more of a commercial book than an artist monograph. These elements are mild irritants, but also result in an interesting short-circuiting of expectations. A book with a sense of humour, even if this may not be appreciated by everyone.

Edition: 2022
Date of publication: June 2022
Author: Ruchama Noorda
Language: English
Final editor: Patrick van Ginkel, Brian McKenna, Giorgia Rota, Eleonoor Jap Sam
Image editor: Ruchama Noorda en Sabine Verschueren
Artist: Ruchama Noorda (tekst: Dick Hebdige)
Publisher: Jap Sam Books (Eleonoor Jap Sam), Prinsenbeek
Available through: Bookshop, webshop
Graphic designer: Sabine Verschueren (Amsterdam)
Lithographer: Wilco Art Books (Mariska Bijl), Amersfoort
Printer: Wilco Art Books, Amersfoort
Binder: Wilco Art Books, Amersfoort
Size book block (w x h x d in mm): 230 x 295 x 15 mm
Number of pages: 248
Print run: 1000
Price: € 39.95
ISBN: 9789492852564
Font and foundry: Octava (Para Type)
Binding style: Sewn hardcover with flat spine, thin boards with minimal square, linen over 2.5 mm greyboard, cold-glued
Paper for interior (grammage): 100gsm Maxi Offset, Igepa
Endpapers (grammage): 140gsm Sappi hv offset, Sappi
Material cover (grammage): Brillianta® Calandré 34252, Van Heek Textiles
Special features: Brown foil on front and back band and spine (KURZ Colorit 968) (Wilco Art Books), edges of book block printed in Pantone 175 (brown) (Critis, Beernem (BE)), endpapers printed in Pantone 175 (brown), interior printed in CMYK, poster (580 x 780 mm) folded to 290 x 195 mm, printed in CMYK on 60gsm Opakal (Igepa) (Wilco Art Books)