Book cover333
Book cover333
Book cover333
Book cover333

333 is a monograph disguised as a graphic novel – an approach that is highly appropriate to Lukas Rehm’s narrative video work. The mix of stills, drawings, text fragments (transcriptions) and descriptions is interwoven through this form to make up an intriguing, atmospheric whole. The execution is sublime. The work in the interior is testament to great skill in the use of fluorescent inks, and the black really is pitch black. For purposes of distinguishing between them, different Pantone colours are used for the various chapters: one in fluorescent red, another fluorescent green, yet another fluorescent blue and several sections are in CMYK plus Pantone silver. The pages feel extremely lively, with well-achieved contrast. The highly detailed foil printing on the cover is impressively rendered. There is also a multimedia element: Rehm has created a soundscape to accompany each chapter, and this can be activated using a QR code. A tasteful addition that adds still further to the tactile and sensory experience of this book. All told, this well-made and thought-out book is a powerful example of how the experience of moving images can convincingly be translated into book form.

Edition: 2022
Date of publication: September 2022
Author: Lukas Rehm
Language: English
Final editor: Olivia Parkes
Image editor: Tatjana Stürmer, Rudy Guedj
Artist: Lukas Rehm
Publisher: Building Fictions, Amsterdam
Available through: Bookshop, webshop
Graphic designer: Tatjana Stürmer (Amsterdam), Rudy Guedj (Amsterdam)
Lithographer: PBTisk, Příbram (CZ)
Printer: PBTisk, Příbram (CZ)
Binder: PBTisk, Příbram (CZ)
Size book block (w x h x d in mm): 220 × 310 x 13 mm
Number of pages: 252
Print run: 500
Price: € 38
ISBN: 9789082771299
Font and foundry: CrimeFighter BB (Blambot), Protokoll Light (outofthedark)
Binding style: Sewn softcover, hot melt gluing
Paper for interior (grammage): 115gsm Munken Print White 15, 135gsm Novatech Gloss, PoLo Bohemia, Antalis
Material cover (grammage): 350gsm Sirio Rough Black, Fedrigoni
Special features: Silver foil (KURZ ALUFIN) on cover, interior partly printed in CMYK, Pantone 877 (silver), black and Pantone 805 (fluorescent red), black and Pantone 802 (fluorescent green), black and Pantone 801 (fluorescent blue), book block sewn with black thread