Het Grote Tekenwerkboek

Book coverHet Grote Tekenwerkboek

This drawing ‘textbook’ for pupils aged 12-15 was developed by the province of Utrecht in collaboration with the city of Utrecht’s Centraal Museum, and is being sent to secondary schools from 2006 until 2011. Any art teacher presented with teaching material like this surely cannot help but feel lucky. By reference to a series of individual works pupils learn about each artist, the way each uses his or her chosen materials, and how they, the pupils, can put these materials and methods to use in their own art. Blank worksheets are included. With the range of artists chosen, from Joep van Lieshout to Marc Mulders, the book unobtrusively introduces much to talk about regarding the how, what and why of art. The choice of a wire binding is here not dictated by fashion but allows the makers to include a variety of formats: large fold-outs, small inserts, DIY picture postcards and at the back even a pop-up.

Edition: 2006
Language: Dutch
Final editor: Irene de Jong, Meta Knol, Lynne van Rhijn
Publisher: Centraal Museum, Utrecht, Kunst Centraal, Bunnik, Veenman Publishers, Rotterdam
Graphic designer: -SYB-
Lithographer: Pictura Imaginis, Heiloo, Veenman Drukkers, Rotterdam
Printer: Veenman Drukkers, Rotterdam
Binder: Don, Rotterdam
Size book block (w x h x d in mm): 435 x 300 x 15
Number of pages: 35 leaves
Print run: 4,500
Price: € 24.95
ISBN: 978 90 5983 017 2
Font and foundry: Helvetica Neue, Champion HTF Welterweight
Binding style: Wire-O binding
Material: 120 gsm and 300gsm IJsselprint, 280gsm Invercote G (interior), grey board (cover)