Sanne Peper – All Dressed Up, No Place To Go

Book coverSanne Peper – All Dressed Up, No Place To Go
Book coverSanne Peper – All Dressed Up, No Place To Go

In this publication theatre photographer Sanne Peper allows her independent work to merge with scene photos from a performance of Medea by the drama group Dood Paard. Doom and darkness are shaken out over us in barely penetrable images of an anti-utopian society in which the upper hand is held by the masses. Texts from the classical tragedy Medea accompany the independent work, and these in turn create new links with scenes from the performance.


For the first part of the book, No Place to Go, Peper photographed buildings and cityscapes in threatening, apocalyptic settings in a number of the world’s great cities. In the second part, All Dressed up, we have photographs in which the players of Dood Paard are in motion. This is a pretentious project with a leadenly heavy message, but despite that it is intriguing in its interplay of form and content.


The magazine-like concept is reminiscent of the earlier Life photo magazines. Grey papers reinforce the murky black-and-white photography, as does the large area of grey and the occasional sudden magenta when the content calls for it.


The book is sold in a large and solid cardboard photo envelope, on the outside of which the time 23:02 is printed in large characters. The margins of the pages count down (or is it up?) to 23:57. H-hour is close but not yet upon us. In the second part the clock runs backwards to… 23:03. Thus everything in this book has been devised. Perhaps that is its failing: that we can see it.

Edition: 2006
Language: English
Publisher: Sanne Peper, in collaboration with Dood Paard Theatre Collective and International Theatre & Film Books, Amsterdam
Graphic designer: Michaël Snitker
Printer: Raddraaier, Amsterdam
Binder: Patist, Den Dolder
Size book block (w x h x d in mm): 210 x 280 x 6
Number of pages: 120 p.
Print run: 600
Price: € 20
ISBN: 978 90 6403 683 5
Font and foundry: Village Galaxie Polaris, Linotype Utopia
Binding style: stapled soft cover using white and black staples
Material: 70gsm Colorado, grey, 80gsm Butterfly, grey, 90gsm Hello Gloss, 60gsm Milo, 130gsm Reviva Color, cyclamen, 52gsm Aco, 70gsm Royal Print, 40gsm Pergamijn with spider-web embossing, 70gsm Reviva Offset (interior), 80gsm Butterfly, grey (cover), Buchbox Z, 240 x 315 mm, white (envelope printed letterpress on one side by Bruno Cauwe, Schiedam)