DUF. Onafhankelijk Gedurfd Boektijdschrift

Book coverDUF. Onafhankelijk Gedurfd Boektijdschrift

On the first page of this ‘independent daring book magazine’ we read that DUF is not aimed at those who are duf: that is, dull, stuffy. This is what you are if ‘the first music you ever bought was an LP or you can remember a time without mobile phones’. The entire panel realized this applied to them, but despite this they found DUF a fantastic initiative with an even more fantastic outcome. DUF titillates the senses and provides a great deal, a very great deal of reading and looking enjoyment for a generation that has already been more or less given up for lost when it comes to reading. Thanks to DUF you can zap from sense to nonsense and from nonsense to sense. DUF is bursting with information that matters, and is designed in such a sparkling way that you want to read it all. Here and there anti-boredom pages offer respite from the surfeit.

Taking things almost to excess, DUF also uses eight different sorts of paper, including mirror paper for the crazy mirror self-test on page 112, a variety of PMS colours alongside four-colour printing, and a ribbon bookmark. The receipt on the flap adds up the various ingredients of DUF to a purchase price of € 24.95. Note that this is after a discount of 99.99%: DUF is priceless, and that’s a fact.

Edition: 2006
Language: Dutch
Final editor: Petra Boers, Suzanne Hertogs, Nicole Ros
Publisher: Ontwerphaven, The Hague
Graphic designer: Suzanne Hertogs
Lithographer: Zwaan Printmedia, Wormerveer
Printer: Zwaan Printmedia, Wormerveer using Spectra screening and fluorescent inks
Binder: Patist, Den Dolder
Size book block (w x h x d in mm): 200 x 245 x 26
Number of pages: 304 p.
Print run: 5,000
Price: € 24.95
ISBN: 978 90 810921 1 1
Font and foundry: Dolly, Bello, Auto (all by Underware)
Binding style: sewn soft cover with flaps printed on both sides
Material: 140gsm Mirri paper, silver, 115gsm Munkenprint 1.5, 80gsm Signa-Set, 135gsm Hello Gloss, 80gsm Colorado, apple green and orange, among others (interior), 300gsm Invercote Creato, matt (cover, with spot UV-varnish)