Avenue. Van A tot Zero

Book coverAvenue. Van A tot Zero

Is it nostalgia for Avenue or simply nostalgia for the old days that comes bubbling up with this retrospective look at the legendary magazine? The format has been slightly enlarged so that spreads from Avenue could be printed full size. A dark filter was then applied to create the effect of a second-hand copy. You reach out for the old, but you aren’t given it. A deliberate decision has been taken to maintain distance from the magazine, which is allowed to tell its own story. The enormous impact of the photography and Avenue‘s almost mythical aura – suddenly you can feel it again.

The comment pages, being printed in a single primary colour, remain far removed from what Avenue once was. It’s a pity that many of the images become completely clogged up in these colours to the extent that there is nothing really left of them. The treatment of the typography, on the other hand, brings us back to the magazine, so uniformity is maintained. Irresistible: the overview of all 358 covers at the back of the book. Nostalgia lingers.  

Edition: 2006
Language: Dutch
Final editor: Maurits Brands
Publisher: Veenman Publishers, Rotterdam
Graphic designer: Mevis & Van Deursen in collaboration with Annik Troxler
Lithographer: Pictura Imaginis, Heiloo, Veenman Drukkers, Rotterdam
Printer: Veenman Drukkers, Rotterdam
Binder: Hexspoor, Boxtel
Size book block (w x h x d in mm): 265 x 320 x 20
Number of pages: 258 p.
Print run: 3,500
Price: € 35
ISBN: 978 90 869001 5 2
Font and foundry: AvantGarde, Lubalin, Olympian
Binding style: sewn Otabind
Material: 100gsm Arctic Volume, 100gsm book paper (interior), 210gsm sulphate card (cover)