Ellen Korth – Utilité

Book coverEllen Korth – Utilité
Book coverEllen Korth – Utilité
Book coverEllen Korth – Utilité
Book coverEllen Korth – Utilité

Knitting, French knitting, crochet, bobbin lace, macramé and other forms of handicraft may be ‘in’ again, but in fact they never really disappeared. Ellen Korth decided to put her fascination for needlework to good use in a project.

The result is a series of portraits of craftsmen and craftswomen at work in their homes, centred round photographs of them and their busy hands and one of their pieces. Together with their own comments, these ‘portraits’ were then enclosed in two fold-outs so that the book itself is a piece of handicraft.

The title, for example, was embroidered, the red binding thread is open to view and the open spine is just right. The panel were full of praise for this project and the way the form of the book underscores its subject.


Silver medal, Best Book Design from all over the World, Leipzig 2012

Edition: 2011
Language: Dutch
Publisher: Ellen Korth, Deventer
Graphic designer: -SYB-
Lithographer: Colour & Books, Apeldoorn
Printer: A-D Druk, Zeist
Binder: Patist, Den Dolder
Size book block (w x h x d in mm): 150 x 200 x 52
Number of pages: 556 p.
Print run: 750
Price: € 45
ISBN: 978 90 902616 0 7
Font and foundry: Univers Condensed
Binding style: sewn with red sewing thread, open spine
Material: 90gsm and 150gsm Munken Lynx Rough (interior), 300gsm Kraftliner (covers)