Michaël Snitker – trilvensters en onderkasttypografie

This book, a bibliography of Bert Schierbeek’s second experimental novel de andere namen (1952), is not available through the trade but only by mail order through the website. Maker Michaël Snitker, who admired Schierbeek’s book even as a child, seems to be bent principally on pointing it in the direction of a new host of fans.

At the time, the novel’s vitalistic appearance came from designer Han de Vries, whose typography for it uses word compositions to echo Schierbeek’s rhythmic voice. The panel (with the exception of a stubborn minority) allowed themselves to be wholly convinced by Snitker’s researches – and they are certainly amazingly comprehensive.

Anything and everything that could be found that had anything to do with de andere namen – reviews, interview fragments, publication statements, dust jackets torn or pristine, letters and website references – it is literally all here. Complete with full stops, page numbers and all, including an index that borders on the insane.

The panel fell for this book in which Snitker’s investigations coincide with equally manic ‘Asperger’s’ design.

Another interesting point is that the book also tells the story of how de andere namen came about. For this we have to thank Snitker’s fortuitous meeting with de Vries’s daughter, who was able to give the designer access to her father’s archive. We have yet to look up the ‘trembling windows’ of the title…

Edition: 2011
Language: Dutch
Publisher / commissioner: Michaël Snitker, Amsterdam
Designer: Michaël Snitker
Printer: Lenoirschuring, Amstelveen, Calff & Meischke, Amsterdam, Kerdel Zeefdruk, Zwijndrecht
Binder: Meeuwis & Zn., Amsterdam
Dimensions: 164 x 235 x 11
Amount of pages: 144 p.
Number of copies: 500 (plus some)
Price: € not for sale
ISBN: none
Font and foundry: Gill TT, Bodoni
Binding style: sewn soft cover with flaps
Material: 130gsm Lumi Art, 80gsm Caxton, 90gsm Revive 100 natural uncoated (interior), 200gsm Gmund Color System 51 (cover)