Laura Hospes – UCP

Book coverLaura Hospes – UCP
Book coverLaura Hospes – UCP
Book coverLaura Hospes – UCP
Book coverLaura Hospes – UCP

This unassuming but impressive book focuses on a person who reveals herself in sharply authentic images, observing herself through her stay in the UCP, the psychiatric clinic of the University of Groningen. Some of the photographs in this slim volume have a lack of sharpness that adds to its eloquence. The images are in chronological order, the author being keen to show the true story without massaging it with anything like an aesthetic selection. They evoke a chilling sense of confinement and isolation in which the paper positively radiates despair. The intimacy of the whole is underlined by ‘bookish’ elements, being reinforced by paper, photography, format and binding. The cover material is a reference to the clinic’s bedlinen, on which the author laid out the prints while selecting them. A profoundly honest report that touches the spectator with its intense intimacy.

Edition: 2016
Language: English
Final editor: Laura Hospes, Matt de Groot, Ellen Sanders (picture editing)
Publisher: Lecturis, Eindhoven
Graphic designer: Laura Hospes
Lithographer: Wilco Art Books, Amersfoort
Printer: Wilco Art Books, Amersfoort (printed in two blacks and one Pantone colour)
Binder: Wilco Art Books, Amersfoort
Size book block (w x h x d in mm): 190 x 240 x 6
Number of pages: 84 p.
Print run: 750
Price: € 35
ISBN: 978 94 6226 190 7
Font and foundry: Courier New (Monotype)
Binding style: sewn hardback
Material: 130gsm Munken Polar (interior), 140gsm Sirio Color Nero (endpapers printed twice in opaque white), Brillianta Calandré 34001 over 2.5 mm grey board (binding with matt black foil stamping)