Design & Production Bible

Book coverDesign & Production Bible
Book coverDesign & Production Bible
Book coverDesign & Production Bible
Book coverDesign & Production Bible

Bible producers Jongbloed are keen to put themselves in the spotlight, bring in new commissions and tap new applications for their products and production facilities. In 2009 the company’s urge to innovate led to the launch of the Dwarsligger (the word has many meanings including ‘contrary person’ and ‘railway sleeper’, but literally it means something that lies sideways), a book printed crosswise, on thin paper and in a small format. The Dwarsligger prompted much debate among the panel but ultimately failed to make the final selection.

Jongbloed’s own ‘bible’, the promotional Design & Production Bible with its blazingly silver cover was similarly discussed at length, ultimately being sanctioned by a majority as worthy of selection. The object of the book is to show us something of the design and production of bibles and psalters and in that way to convert us to Jongbloed, and the result is a spectacular book. The preparation, printing and finishing of such publications is a specialism that rarely attracts attention.

Tucked away in a black slip case, then, the book is wholly inconspicuous. Even when the silver cover emerges into the light it is still not immediately clear what kind of book this is. Inside, however, we are taken through the process of bible design and production in full-colour sections alternating with a number of examples on India paper ranging from 22gsm to 45gsm, demonstrating both text and use of colour.

Edition: 2009
Author: Klaus E. Krogh, Hugo C. van Woerden
Language: English
Publisher: 2Krogh, Højbjerg (DK), Jongbloed, Heerenveen
Graphic designer: 2Krogh, Højbjerg (DK), Jongbloed, Heerenveen
Lithographer: 2Krogh, Ã…rhus (DK)
Printer: Jongbloed, Heerenveen, De Groot Drukkerij, Goudriaan
Binder: Jongbloed, Heerenveen
Size book block (w x h x d in mm): 215 x 245 x 23
Number of pages: 840 p.
Print run: 3,500
Price: € not for sale
ISBN: 978 90 6539 344 9
Font and foundry: Arno Pro
Binding style: sewn hardback
Material: 22gsm Indopaque, 27gsm Indolux, 30gsm Primapage, 30gsm Primalux, Hi-Brite, 32gsm Primalux Mat, ivory, 32gsm Primabible, off-white, 36gsm Primapage, ivory, 45gsm Primapage, white, 135gsm Idéal Mat (interior), 120gsm F-color 870, black (endpapers), Corvon Bling Tecno Platinum CBT 8121 (binding, with foil embossing in black and white)