Open City. Designing Coexistence

Book coverOpen City. Designing Coexistence
Book coverOpen City. Designing Coexistence
Book coverOpen City. Designing Coexistence
Book coverOpen City. Designing Coexistence

This book appeared on the occasion of the fourth International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam, the theme of which – the open city – was designed to focus attention on community life in today’s rapidly changing cities. The book consists of two main parts: essays by authors from a range of disciplines and a presentation of projects and designs. For this major commission, designers Armand Mevis and Linda van Deursen gave a number of master’s students at the Werkplaats Typografie (Typography Workshop) in Arnhem the task of creating their own individual sections on the basis of a set of instructions, such as the font that they were allowed to use in three sizes.

Despite the freedom that this gave the students, the book emerges as a single whole with its largely pale yellow printed sheet pages. At the same time the different ways in which text and images have been handled make for an agreeable variety. However complex the city and its community may have become, the book looks both attractive and accessible. The dust jacket, a coarsely screened colour photo of a city scene, returns inside the book as a divider between the various parts and themes.


Honourable mention, Best Book Design from all over the World, Leipzig 2010

Edition: 2009
Language: English
Final editor: Tim Rieniets, Jennifer Sigler, Kees Christiaanse
Publisher: SUN architecture, Amsterdam
Graphic designer: Mevis & Van Deursen in collaboration with Werkplaats Typografie, Arnhem (Marc Hollenstein, Hyo-Jung Kwon, Julie van Severen & Dries Wiewauters, Jeremy Jansen, Cecilia Costa & Stephen Serrato, Joris van Aken), Felix Weigand
Lithographer: Colorset, Amsterdam
Printer: Wilco, Amersfoort
Binder: Wilco, Amersfoort, Hexspoor, Boxtel
Size book block (w x h x d in mm): 200 x 270 x 28
Number of pages: 464 p.
Print run: 4,000
Price: € 42.50
ISBN: 978 90 850678 3 2
Font and foundry: Monotype Grotesque
Binding style: sewn Otabind
Material: 90gsm woodfree offset, white, 115gsm Montana (interior), 250gsm woodfree offset, white (cover), 115gsm Montana (jacket)