Karel Martens


Book coverUranus
Book coverUranus
Book coverUranus
Edition: 2021
Release date: December 2021
Translator: Zhongkai Li
Final editor: Matthew Schwager, Ziming Lin; tekst en redactie: Zhongkai Li
Artist: Karel Martens
Publisher: Roma Publications collab. IS A GALLERY, Amsterdam
Available through: Bookshop, webshop
Designer: martens & martens (Amsterdam)
Lithographer: QL-ART Printing Co., Ltd., Beijing (CN)
Printer: QL-ART Printing Co., Ltd., Beijing (CN)
Binder: QL-ART Printing Co., Ltd., Beijing (CN)
Producer: Zhengzhong Pan, Shanghai (CN)
Dimensions: 210 x 297 x 18 mm
Amount of pages: 688
Number of copies: 1000
ISBN: 978946440025
Font and foundry: Courier (IBM), Source Han Sans CN (Adobe Originals)
Binding style: Swiss-style unsewn binding, transparently glued-off spine, cold-glued
Paper interior: 48gsm paper used for Bibles, Zhuo Xin Mei Cheng (CN)
Cover material: 0.6 mm greyboard
Other technical features: Cover and interior printed in CMYK, the magenta replaced by Pantone 806 (fluorescent pink)