Daan Rietbergen


Type Specimen Book

Book coverNespor
Book coverNespor
Book coverNespor
Edition: 2021
Release date: April 2021
Language: English
Final editor: Daan Rietbergen
Picture editor: Daan Rietbergen
Artist: Daan Rietbergen
Publisher: Daan Rietbergen, Utrecht
Available through: Bookshop, webshop
Designer: Daan Rietbergen (Utrecht)
Lithographer: Marc Gijzen, Voorburg
Printer: Pantheon Drukkers, Velsen-Noord
Binder: Josuma Grafische Afwerking, Aalsmeer
Dimensions: 189 x 310 x 11 mm
Amount of pages: 184
Number of copies: 250
Price: € 49
ISBN: 978-90-9034349-5
Font and foundry: Neue Helvetica (Linotype)
Binding style: Swiss-style cut-flush binding, transparently glued-off spine (hot melt); last page of the book block glued to cover
Paper interior: 100gsm Lessebo Design 1.3 White, Igepa
Cover material: 680gsm Sirio Ultra Black, Fedrigoni
Other technical features: Cover with laser cutting and scored folds