Kuan-Ting, Chen

Met Stoelen

Book coverMet Stoelen
Book coverMet Stoelen
Book coverMet Stoelen
Edition: 2021
Release date: Dec 21, 2021
Picture editor: Kuan-Ting, Chen
Illustrator: Candela Lejarraga
Publisher: ArtEZ Arnhem, Department Graphic Design, Arnhem
Designer: Kuan-Ting, Chen (Arnhem)
Printer: ArtEz Arnhem werkplaats, Arnhem
Binder: ArtEz Arnhem werkplaats, Arnhem
Dimensions: 155 x 267 x 14 mm
Amount of pages: 240
Number of copies: 14
Font and foundry: Capitolina (Typefolio)
Binding style: Unsewn softcover, partly Japanede binding; binding glued with linen headcap; cover glued to spine
Paper interior: 60gsm Elementa Opaque Classic, 80gsm RecyStar® Nature, 80gsm Fastprint Color grijs, Antalis, Papyrus, Clairefontaine
Cover material: 300gsm Gmund Used 8, Gmund
Other technical features: Cover and interior are digitally printed in black.
Awards: Golden Medal - Best Book Design from all over the World