Henk Wildschut


COVID-19 2020 - 021

Edition: 2021
Release date: September 2021
Language: Dutch
Picture editor: Robin Uleman, Henk Wildschut
Photographer: Henk Wildschut
Publisher / commissioner: Henk Wildschut, Amsterdam
Available through: Bookshop, webshop
Designer: Robin Uleman (Amsterdam)
Lithographer: Marc Gijzen, Voorburg
Printer: Zwaan Lenoir, Wormerveer
Binder: Binderij Brepols, Turnhout (BE)
Dimensions: 222 x 268 x 20 mm
Amount of pages: 160
Number of copies: 750
Price: € 45
ISBN: 975-90-8258-852-1
Font and foundry: Unica 77 Medium and Medium Italic, Lineto
Binding style: Otabind
Paper interior: 80gsm Munken Lynx, Antalis
Paper end papers: 120gsm Wibalin WBN548 pumice, Winter & Company
Cover material: 320gsm Wibalin board WBN548 pumice, Winter & Company
Dust jacket material: 120gsm Wibalin WBN548 pumice, Winter & Company