Book coverMore-than-Human
Book coverMore-than-Human
Book coverMore-than-Human
Book coverMore-than-Human

This book, which falls open with pure softness, is a masterclass in typographical freakery, as it takes a huge amount of professional competence to implement this in such a hardcore way. Without a single illustration, this book nevertheless seems richly illustrated through the use of 115 fonts for the same number of terms. Happily, the result in no way resembles a mish-mash of cheap trickery. Thanks to smart, precisely printed minimal margins and a ton sur ton collection of paper types, the execution is in fact extremely tasteful.

The sections on greyish, at times wood-pulp based, paper do not correspond exactly to the chapters and, although nothing a new, here this has been implemented well. The result is a typographically consistent book that is far from dull. It could even be described as colourful. It’s a somewhat regrettable that the printer apparently did not warn for the risk of too little space for the text on a number of the title pages between sections.

Rigorously reflecting the mentality exuded by the interior, the typography is beautifully corresponding on the cover: this too is drawn from the index of fonts. The barcode on the front is a nice touch. This exclusive treatment may make this a publication that is not accessible to all; rather, it is pure and precise.

Edition: 2020
Date of publication: December 2020
Author: Stacy Alaimo et al.
Language: English
Final editor: Lisa Mazza; Andrés Jaque, Marina Otero Verzier, Lucia Pietroiusti (text editors)
Publisher: Het Nieuwe Instituut; Serpentine Galleries; Office for Political Innovation, Manifesta Foundation, Rotterdam, London, New York, Amsterdam
Available through: Bookshop, webshop
Graphic designer: Adriaan Mellegers (Amsterdam), Vanessa van Dam (Amsterdam)
Printer: Cassochrome, Waregem (BE)
Binder: Brepols, Turnhout (BE)
Book producer: ArtLibro (Trudy Dorrepaal), Helmond
Size book block (w x h x d in mm): 170 x 240 x 24
Number of pages: 468
Print run: 1500
Price: € 31.90
ISBN: 9789083015293
Font and foundry: Theinhardt (Optimo) in combination with 115 different fonts
Binding style: Sewn Otabind® with dust jacket folded in American style printed on one side (folded and applied by hand)
Paper for interior (grammage): 70gsm Holmen TRND, 60gsm Opakal, 85gsm Splendorgel Extra White, 90gsm UPM Sol Gloss, Igepa, Fedrigoni
Material cover (grammage): 240gsm Munken Pure, Antalis
Special features: Cover and interior printed in black; 115 key concepts have a different font; QR codes link to related images. Printing: HUV-LED