Body Language

The Body in Medieval Art

Book coverBody Language
Book coverBody Language
Book coverBody Language
Book coverBody Language

This simply very well-made exhibition catalogue pushes the envelope, but just stays the right side of too audacious. Although we did not unanimously fall for all of the form choices – such as the rigid text columns – nevertheless the images fit comfortably between the texts in their own, not excessively forced, grid. Presenting historical material in this way is inherently risky, but here these extra layers provide the required added frisson. In this respect, an institution such as the Catharijneconvent museum has clearly stuck its neck out. The designers have likewise not chosen the safe path, but – thanks to the strength of the material – neither have they overplayed their hand.

The typographically semi-transparent caesura pages with word clouds lend a nice contrast and result in an attractive book block.

The decision not to place any explicit image on the exterior of the book proves extremely successful here, as the resulting cover is extremely attractive and layered, both in terms of content and graphically. The die cut (which is maybe just a little on the large side) highlights the bright, contrasting colour and typography of the interior against the otherwise sober black of the cover. Another nice touch is that, in the English-language catalogue, the cover colours have simply been switched.

Edition: 2020
Date of publication: September 2020
Author: Wendelien van Welie-Vink
Language: Dutch / English
Translator: Metamorfose Vertalingen
Final editor: Maartje de Jong; Annabel Dijkstra, Maartje de Jong (text editors)
Image editor: Francis de Boer
Publisher: nai010 Publishers, Rotterdam
Available through: Bookshop, webshop
Graphic designer: Koehorst in ‘t Veld (Rotterdam)
Lithographer: BFC graphics and design (Bert van der Horst), Amersfoort
Printer: NPN Drukkers, Breda
Binder: Patist, Den Dolder
Size book block (w x h x d in mm): 239 x 290 x 11
Number of pages: 180
Print run: 2013
Price: € 29.95
ISBN: 9789462085985 (NL) | 9789462085992 (EN)
Font and foundry: Folio BQ (URW Type Foundry), Grotesque Pro (Colophon Foundry)
Binding style: Genaaid gebrocheerd met flappen; verlijming in hotmelt
Paper for interior (grammage): 115gsm Magno Volume, 60gsm IBO One, Igepa
Material cover (grammage): 300gsm Invercote G, Antalis
Special features: Sections Magno Volume printed in CMYK; sections IBO One printed in black, Pantone Cool Grey 3 + one Pantone that changes per section (Pantone 7417, 2728, 326, 197 and 603); inner side cover coated; outside cover of Dutch edition printed in black, Pantone Black 6 + 2727, inside in Warm Red; blue and red colours reversed in English edition; die cut in the front board; two language editions printed by plate switch in black. Printing: LED-UV