Dreaming Awake

Book coverDreaming Awake
Book coverDreaming Awake
Book coverDreaming Awake
Book coverDreaming Awake

Just as Glaz is about the ocean, so Marres’s publication Dreaming Awake (House for Contemporary Culture, Maastricht), is about the rainforest. In fact what curators and editors Valentijn Byvanck and Luiza Mello, together with designer João Doria, are trying to do here is recreate, in an exhibition and book, the clammy, sticky atmosphere and all-enveloping presence of the jungle. It begins with what is indeed the slightly sticky feel of the cover material – Balacron, a mock leather which here has not been pasted to board, as it so often is, but is used unattached. It feels like a tropical leaf. The hypnotic power of the rainforest is evoked in dreamy, monochrome images – much darkness and green, against which the artworks from the Marres exhibition sometimes offer a colourful contrast. Doubtless as a solution for the fact that the colour photographs of the images and objects in the installation could only be created at a point when the book was supposed to be finished, they have been printed on picture postcards and inserted loosely between the leaves of the book. The link between botanical books and specimens inserted for pressing is quickly made.The typography is unspectacular but works well. In both form and content the book, more a part of the installation than a ‘proper’ catalogue, is at once an effective evocation of and a stimulating reflection on the rainforest.

Edition: 2018
Date of publication: March 2018
Author: Eduardo Viveiros de Castro et al.
Language: English, Portuguese, French
Translator: Chris Burden, John Norman
Final editor: Rita Walton
Image editor: Valentijn Byvanck, Luiza Mello, João Doria
Photographer: Eduardo Ortega, Luiza Mello, Pat Kilgore, Gert Jan Van Rooij
Publisher: Marres, House for Contemporary Culture, Maastricht
Available through: Webshop, bookshop
Graphic designer: João Doria (Oslo (NO))
Lithographer: Colour & Books (Sebastiaan Hanekroot), Apeldoorn
Printer: Drukkerij Tielen, Boxtel
Binder: Boekbinderij Brepols, Turnhout
Size book block (w x h x d in mm): 170 x 240 x 16
Number of pages: 192
Print run: 1,000
Price: € 19
ISBN: 978 90 828134 1 8
Font and foundry: Lygia (Flavia Zimbardi)
Binding style: Sewn Otastar, binding using green threads
Paper for interior (grammage): 100gsm Eos 2.0, 120gsm Munken Kristal, Igepa, Arctic Paper | Antalis
Material cover (grammage): 230gsm Rainbow Green, Balacron Original Naxos 21046, Papyrus
Special features: Printed in XM screen, green foil Luxor 336 (KURZ) on binding (stamping by Finishing Touch). Eight postcards are included.