Jan Siebelink

De bloemen van Jan Siebelink

De bloemen van Jan Siebelink is laid out as a herbarium. The premise – an alphabetical selection of quotations about flowers and plants, all taken from Siebelink’s work and illustrated with old prints – has been meticulously elaborated with strikingly beautiful cover material, headbands, endpapers and text stock. Designer Brigitte Slangen is also responsible for the picture editing and was granted the latitude to occasionally choose her own variety of the flower or plant concerned. The result is an agreeable unity of design, palette, picture editing and choice of paper and cover material. A subtle and sensitive whole, suffused with the still calm of a pergola.

Edition: 2018
Release date: February 2018
Language: Dutch
Final editor: Suzanne Holtzer
Picture editor: Brigitte Slangen
Photographer: Sacha de Boer
Artist: Klaas Gubbels
Publisher / commissioner: De Bezige Bij, Amsterdam
Available through: Bookshop
Designer: Brigitte Slangen (Nijmegen)
Lithographer: All-Print, Wijchen
Printer: Wilco BV | Boeken & Tijdschriften, Amersfoort
Binder: Wilco BV | Boeken & Tijdschriften, Amersfoort
Dimensions: 148 x 215 x 26
Amount of pages: 288
Number of copies: 10,000
Price: € 25.99
ISBN: 978 94 031 0480 5
Font and foundry: Filosofia (Emigre Fonts)
Binding style: Sewn hardback, linen, with a rounded spine, over 1.5 mm greyboard
Paper interior: 120gsm Arcoprint Milk White 1.5, Fedrigoni
Paper end papers: 120gsm Forever Citron/Yellow, Igepa
Cover material: Fancy Linen Lined 59013, Fedrigoni
Dust jacket material: 150gsm Arcoprint Milk White 1.5, Fedrigoni
Other technical features: Gold foil (Luxor 418 (KURZ) stamping on spine