Golden Letter for the Netherlands and Switzerland


The highest international award goes to Walking as Research Practice.
The book was designed by Jana Sofie Liebe, a graphic design student at the Rietveld Academy.

Today The Netherlands announces the 33 Best Dutch Book Designs 2023. An expert jury judged the books on their distinctiveness in terms of content, design, lithography, typography, material, printing and binding. The Dutch selection received the highest prize in the international judging ‘Best Book Design from all over the world’: the Golden Letter goes to Walking as Research Practice (publisher: Soapbox, editor-in-chief: Lynn Gommes, design: Jana Sofie Liebe (CH), production: the Stencil Attic, Agia).
This book was awarded by both the professional and student jury in the Netherlands.

The jury, who made the selection out of 550 submissions (by 34 countries), commented:

“A small but significant work; a uniquely bound, hand-held opus in which tactile paper, a rough hence vibrant edge and a perfectly imperfect form add up to a whole that evokes emotion and inspiration: Walking as Research Practice demonstrates in an unobtrusive way what design is all about. Designer Jana Sofie Liebe and managing editor Lynn Gommes have created a book about walking that’s ideal for reading while walking, waiting or standing.”