Dutch-Flemish selection on display


The cultural season has started! One of the highlights is the exhibition of The Best Book Designs from the Netherlands and Flanders at the Stedelijk Museum. The books can be held and looked into. The exhibition runs until Sunday 30th October.

This year is a special edition: in addition to 33 Dutch books there are 17 Flemish books selected by a Dutch-Flemish jury. Why? Because the Netherlands and Flanders will be Guests of Honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2016. For this special occasion The Best Dutch Book Designs joined forces with Flanders.

This afternoon the ceremony will be held where the authors, publishers, designers, lithographers, printers and binders of the selected books are going to be honored. They will receive a certificate and the catalogue which is designed by Irma Boom. Catalogue and books are for sale at the museum shop.

The ceremony starts with lectures and a discussion about the differences and similarities between Dutch and Flemish culture.

[photograph Stedelijk Museum / Gert Jan van Rooij]