Ofoffjoff. One to One

Book coverOfoffjoff. One to One
Book coverOfoffjoff. One to One
Book coverOfoffjoff. One to One
Book coverOfoffjoff. One to One

OFOFFJOFF – ONE TO ONE is a self-published work by fashion designer JOFF and graphic designer Julia Born. The title refers to the life-size photographs by Anuschka Blommers and Nils Schumm, with JOFF modelling his own collection. The images were printed 1:1 in black and white and then cut and worked into the book’s ultimate format. This produces something extraordinary: body parts and fragments of clothing come together at the centre of each spread. Leafing through the book you keep finding new combinations, and thanks to the 1:1 format everything can be examined in detail. Naturally it is also permissible to take out the staple and use the loose leaves to reconstitute the original ten photos. The panel took a little time over it, but in the end we were enthusiastically putting the pages together. What an unusual way of presenting a collection!

Edition: 2007
Language: English
Final editor: Julia Born & JOFF
Publisher: Julia Born & JOFF, Amsterdam
Graphic designer: Julia Born
Lithographer: Calff & Meischke, Amsterdam
Printer: Calff & Meischke, Amsterdam
Binder: BrinkOmega, Houten, with collaboration of Noa Segal and Dag Henning Brandsæter
Size book block (w x h x d in mm): 229 x 310 x 8
Number of pages: 192 p.
Print run: 750
Price: € 24.50
ISBN: 978 90 902158 3 9
Font and foundry: DTL Nobel
Binding style: stapled soft cover
Material: 52gsm Aco (interior), 200gsm Pretex (cover)