LITER. Christelijk Literair Tijdschrift nos 70, 71, 72

In a small linguistic area such as ours, the paper-based literary magazine has gradually become something of a dodo, so it is therefore even more extraordinary to come across a specimen so perfectly preserved as Liter. It takes a tremendous dose of dedication to keep a journal like this flying, and with the designer on the editorial board it is clear that presentation too enjoys a share of that dedication.


To save on expenses a small type size has been chosen, but as a concomitant measure good use is made of white space so that legibility is gloriously preserved. Italics, bold face, footnotes, running titles placed vertically in the outer margins, the indenting, the use of a single asterisk to separate discrete parts of an article or other contribution – they are all employed to finely judged effect. Someone mentioned it classy typography. Where there are illustrations, they expansively take up an entire page. On the cover the designer demonstrates that he can play other registers besides that of typographical sophistication.

Edition: 2013
Language: Dutch
Publisher / commissioner: Stichting LITER, Ede
Designer: Steven van der Gaauw
Printer: Van der Perk, Groot-Ammers
Binder: Van Strien, Dordrecht
Dimensions: 160 x 237 x 7
Amount of pages: 80 p.
Number of copies: 575
Retail price in euros: € 12.50
ISBN: ISSN 1388 3143
Font and foundry: TEFF Lexicon 2A
Binding style: sewn soft cover
Material: 120gsm Bioset (interior), 300gsm Bioset (cover)