Anouk Kruithof. The Bungalow

Book coverAnouk Kruithof. The Bungalow
Book coverAnouk Kruithof. The Bungalow
Book coverAnouk Kruithof. The Bungalow
Book coverAnouk Kruithof. The Bungalow

Artist Anouk Kruithof was given permission to take a good look at the collection of vernacular photography assembled by the American collector and photo dealer Brad Feuerhelm. Vernacular photography is photographs of domestic or mundane subjects, sometimes fortuitous snaps, ranging from holiday photos, class photographs, shots of family, friends and pets, often taken by amateurs but often too by ‘real’ photographers and artists. Kruithof selected some five hundred of these analogue images from Feuerhelm’s collection, shut herself away in a holiday cottage, and set to work investigating their meanings and interconnections. She then digitized them and transformed the material into five peculiarly personal works. The process concluded with the collection into a single volume of five separate graphic narratives on four different sorts of paper. Each of these ‘stories’ pursues a different strategy of looking, arranging and bringing together.

Implicitly the book explores concepts like ‘analogue’ and ‘digital’, investigates activities such as collecting, looking, combining, interpreting, editing, assigning meaning, and building up hierarchies and categories. Kruithof’s work does not easily reveal its inner thinking, but for that very reason the panel were all the more admiring of her (and designer Christof Nüssli’s) systematic and inventive approach in this book. At bottom it is the book itself that is the real work of art, though it is legitimate to wonder whether building up computer folders and files and then sorting them into particular constellations and sequences might not equally well have been achieved and published through a website or e-book. Nevertheless, the panel were pleased by this non-digital paper medium, precisely because browsing, comparing, looking and slowing things down conveys a far better understanding of Kruithof’s work.

Edition: 2014
Language: English, translated by Taco Hidde Bakker
Publisher: Onomatopee, Eindhoven
Graphic designer: Christof Nüssli
Lithographer: Lecturis, Eindhoven
Printer: Lecturis, Eindhoven
Binder: Abbringh, Groningen
Size book block (w x h x d in mm): 174 x 236 x 22
Number of pages: 272 p.
Print run: 1,200
Price: € 40
ISBN: 978 94 91677 23 6
Font and foundry: Neue Helvetica (Linotype)
Binding style: sewn hardback
Material: 115gsm Lessebo Design White 1.3, 80gsm Cyclus Print, 90gsm Munken Print White 1.5, 90gsm Maxigloss (interior), 160gsm Clairefontaine Trophée yellow (endpapers), 120gsm Wibalin Natural 500 White (Winter&Company)