The Best Dutch Book Designs 2012: wanna submit?


It’s registration time for The Best Dutch Book Designs 2012. The registration period will run until January 8, 2013.

E-books and book-apps
Most of the time our judges are in for a bit of adventure. If the quality of a submission gave them the urge, they’ve always been willing to stretch the boundaries of the book. In the past they occasionnally admitted annual reports into the Best Dutch Book Designs. Or a desk agenda. Or a promotional brochure. Even an inflatable bed once has been a Best Dutch Book Design.

And now one can vey well imagine our judges selecting an e-book or a book-related app into the Best Dutch Book Designs.
So don’t hesitate to submit such a ‘book’. Notwithstanding the fact that it’s paperless, it could very well be the vehicle of a development that the Best Dutch Book Designs judges gladly might want to signalize.