Ongoing exhibitions


The Best Dutch Book Designs 2012 will still be on show in:
Vienna, Austria, Neue Hauptbücherei, 3 December 2013-8 February 2014
Tokyo, Japan, Toppan Printing Museum, 30 November 2013-2 March 2014
The Hague, Museum Meermanno | House of the Book, 4 February-11 May 2014
Amstelveen, printers Lenoirschuring, from 1 February 2014 onwards

Earlier the Best Dutch Book Designs 2012 were to be seen in:
Leipzig, Germany, Leipzig Book Fair, 14-17 March 2013
Buenos Aires, Argentine, Feria del Libro, 23 April-13 May 2013
Matosinhos, Portugal, Quadra Gallery, 21 May-23 June 2013, on invitation from ESAD, the arts academy of the Porto region
Taipei, Taiwan, Garden City Space of Art, 13 July-4 August 2013, organised by Tien Tien Circle Creatives (photo)
Amsterdam, Stedelijk Museum, 14 September-27 October 2013
Frankfurt, Germany, Frankfurt Book Fair, 9-13 October 2013, as part of Book Art International