New catalogue out


The opening of the Best Dutch Book Designs exhibition at the Amsterdam Stedelijk Museum today also saw the launch of the new catalogue The Best Dutch Book Designs 2013 De Best Verzorgde Boeken. The books presents the 33 books of this year’s pick of the jury in words and images.

The book was designed by Art Collart, a graduate from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam who also lives and works there. He came up with the idea of adding to the book a quote by one of the makers of each and every Best Dutch Book Design. On top of that there is a kaleidoscopic picture section entitled The Making of the Best Dutch Book Designs.

The book could be realised thanks to generous support from a whole bunch of players in the Dutch printing industry, among them ten printers and four finishing specialists. The paper was made available by suppliers Antalis and Arctic Paper Benelux. L. van Heek Textiles, manufacturers of book binding materials, contributed the binding material for this handsome hardcover book.

Price of the book: € 27.50. ISBN 978 90 5965 250 7.