Go smell them at the Stedelijk


Since yesterday they are there to be seen again at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, the annual crop of Best Dutch Book Designs. The three tailormade display tables created by exhibition designers Event Architecture are to be found in one of the entrance rooms of the museum’s design section. This year they are adorned with a crisp yellow tone.

The judges behind this selection are designers Marlies Visser and Hans Bockting, publisher Hanca Leppink and the print advisors Bregitta Kramer and Johan Holterman. Out of 309 entries they chose 33 books as the Best Dutch Book Designs of 2013.

Visitors of the Stedelijk Museum are supposed to stay clear from the art objects on show. The Best Dutch Book Designs are the exception. You are cordially invited to weigh them on your hand, to touch them, even to smell them.

The exhibition will be on show until February 15, 2015. (Photo: Gert Jan van Rooij)