Exposition and catalogue


For the first time this year the 33 Best Dutch Book Designs are on public display at the Stedelijk Museum. This afternoon the exhibition will be opened and the creators, designers, lithographers, printers and binders are being honoured.

The catalogue is designed by Haico Beukers and Marga Scholma. Leading principle in their design is the equivalence of the 33 selected books: each book is judged on their own merits. All books should have their own place on the front cover. This reasoning resulted in 33 editions: all winning books have their own section with a photograph of the book on the first page. The sections are bound interchangeably and at a certain moment each section will be the first and therefore will be the cover.

The price of the catalogue is € 29.50 and can be ordered at your local bookshop.

The exhibition closes at October 29th.