Esther Scholten will be the new director


Esther Scholten will become the new director of the Best Dutch Book Designs. She is the successor of Just Enschedé, who has been the competition’s director for 18 years. In 1998 he stood at the cradle of the Best Dutch Book Designs Foundation, a cooperation between professional organisations in the Dutch book and printing industries and the world of design. The following period saw a steady growth in the number of Best Dutch Book Designs exhibitions both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Being director of the Best Dutch Book Designs is a parttime job. The new director, Esther Scholten (b. 1970), will combine her job as a developer of promotional campaigns with the Dutch collective book promotion bureau CPNB with the directorship of the Best Dutch Book Designs. Her expertise in the field of book promotion will match her experience as an art historian.

Esther looks forward to consolidate and even enhance the quality and merit of the Best Dutch Book Designs – especially with respect to the digital challenges. ‘The Best Dutch Book Designs are an ideal source of inspiration for all involved in the making of books. The competition is a perfect vehicle to make clear why books are still to be made. Evidently, being included in the selection means an acknowledgement of inventivity and hard work in hindsight. It means that your colleagues appreciate what you do. Makers of books who, right from the start, do their utmost to be included in the selection, that’s something I’m dreaming of. Simply because they want to make the best book possible.’