Akiko Wakabayashi designed the catalogue


The catalogue The Best Dutch Book Designs 2022 was designed by Akiko Wakabayashi: “I wanted to do something with the interaction between the book and the human body. I asked photographer/artist Marie Déhé to make the photographs because of her style: it shows warmth and softness. I tried to emphasize the idea of the interaction between book and human body with the structure of the book. It is divided by chapters that relate to our interaction with a book, like ‘meet the book’, ‘open the book’ and ‘talk about the book’.”

A special aspect is that Wakabayashi chose Wire-o as the binding method with an opening in the middle: it allows your hand to hold the book securely.

The paper (Emotion Touch, Circle Print and Crush) was supplied by sponsor Igepa Netherlands.

The catalogue costs € 35 and is for sale at your local bookstore.

You can order it by its EAN code: 9789083173832