Catalogue 2019 is available


The catalogue is the result of a dedicated collaboration led by the designer duo Team Thursday. In close consultation with sponsor and paper supplier Igepa Nederland, bindery J. Voetelink under the guidance of printing company Zwaan Lenoir, the choice was made for the special paper Soporset (interior) and Forever Green and Purple (cover) that best suits this concept.

Lithographer Marc Gijzen provided an excellent reproduction of the images made by the Korean photographer Kyoungtae Kim.

The printed matter came about thanks to the efforts of Wilco Boeken en Tijdschrift, Tuijtel, Zwaan Lenoir, Muller Visual, robstolk® and NPN Drukkers. The binding was done by J. Voetelink. I am deeply indebted to the effort of all these involved.

The catalogue is available at the (online) bookshop: ISBN 97890 5965 9094, price € 31. Or contact