Binders Hexspoor present a decade of their Best Dutch Book Designs


Binders Hexspoor of Boxtel published a book in which their Best Dutch Book Designs dating from the years 2002 to 2011 were brought together.

Hexspoor is a specialist in soft cover books. As such it is a Best Dutch Book Designs regular. Out of a ten years period Hexspoor compiled sixty awarded books in a goodwill publication. Together these books give a lively and thorough impression of the various finishing solutions that Hexspoor is able to provide. This book presents no less than thirty different ones.

He who leafs through the book from the front to the back cover, will only see spreads with images. While she who is leafing from the back to the front, will see spreads with text only. Just the same was the case with the Best Dutch Book Designs catalogue of 1989. Designed by Irma Boom, this catalogue was finished by Hexspoor.

The flexible cover shows an image in linen that was put together using a new digital weaving process.