A special selection at the Museum Gouda


From February 17 onwards the Museum Gouda will be hosting the exhibition Uitgelezen. It is an exhibition on the printing of books, on reading and on books in general, by means of four varying and compact presentations. Three of those are historical in character, the fourth being about the future of the book.

Guest curator Petra Luijkx (Museum Meermanno, The Hague) is of the opinion that the well-designed book is heading towards a bright future. She makes her statement by showing some 30 books that since the year 2000 have been elected among the Best Dutch Book Designs.

This special selection out of fourteen Best Dutch Book Designs selections was put together on her invitation by a special jury (photo: Frank Jansen, Rijswijk).

The exhibition will be running until May 17. For more information, and also some additional events, go to www.museumgouda.nl.