Koos Staal – De Krant van Gisteren. Uitgelezen Hergebruik

Sometimes the idea for a book is so good that you wonder why it took so long. De Krant van Gisteren is a case in point. What do people do with their old newspapers, wondered Koos Staal, himself responsible for the basic design of dozens of newspapers in the Netherlands and elsewhere. Here he has collected the answers together in a book that he published himself – wrapped in an old newspaper. A newspaper publisher was found willing to print this tiny order on his new rotary press: after all, a book like this obviously has to smell of newsprint.


With its thick cardboard covers and an open spine it has also turned out a book for our times. It provides plenty of food for thought on where the paper media are headed. Has the race between paper and digital already been run? What are we going to stuff into our wet shoes to help them dry out? The paper we may use to print out our tablet daily is nothing like as absorbent. The publishers of De Krant van Gisteren know the answer: ‘Long live the paper paper!’

Edition: 2013
Language: Dutch
Publisher / commissioner: Staal&Duiker Ontwerpers, Haren
Designer: Staal&Duiker Ontwerpers (Koos Staal)
Lithographer: Marne Drukkers, Leens (Sebastiaan Lenting)
Printer: Koninklijke BDU, Barneveld (printed on a coldset rotary press in 32-page sections)
Binder: Callenbach boekbinders Van Wijk De Ruiter, Nijkerk
Dimensions: 184 x 264 x 12
Amount of pages: 128 p.
Number of copies: 700
Price: € 15
ISBN: 978 90 820940 0 8
Font and foundry: Modern, Helvetica
Binding style: sewn with an open, glued-off spine
Material: 52gsm improved newsprint UPM Bright 76C (interior), 170gsm Butterfly, black (endpapers), 170gsm white woodfree offset on grey board