Dokter Corrie Geeft Antwoord

Book coverDokter Corrie Geeft Antwoord
Book coverDokter Corrie Geeft Antwoord
Book coverDokter Corrie Geeft Antwoord
Book coverDokter Corrie Geeft Antwoord

Vociferous unanimity was the keynote when this superb example of equality in the collaboration between editors, designers and publisher was added to the selection.

Obviously there was much laughter during the discussion of this seemingly gridless yet still highly coherent ‘more serious’ book from De Harmonie about puberty and sexuality. Clearly much thought had gone into all the fold-outs, not to mention the pop-up.

The whole thing has the nostalgic air of the VPRO broadcasting company in its cheeky young days, when without warning this subject could come off the rails in hilarious fashion. In short, this is a bold book aimed squarely at the target audience. Even the included goodies such as the explicit ‘nude memory game’ don’t shy away from any aspect of puberty and sexuality. The final touch is a brilliant reversible dust jacket, a piece of sheer genius which if desired can be used to conceal the cover proper – an agreeable integral (‘Dutch binding’) example – from the outside world.


Panel members did find themselves wondering who would actually buy this book. However, it was noted that those with teenage offspring wasted no time in buying a copy to take home.


Edition: 2017
Author: Niki Padidar, in collaboration with Rutgers Centre for sexual and reproductive health and rights; Juliette van Paridon/NTR (concept)
Language: Dutch
Final editor: Janneke Steinz
Publisher: De Harmonie, Amsterdam
Graphic designer: Es & Zn, Amsterdam (Esther de Boer)
Printer: via Grafistar, Lichtenvoorde
Binder: via Grafistar, Lichtenvoorde
Size book block (w x h x d in mm): 170 x 240 x 14
Number of pages: 224 p.
Print run: 10,000
Price: € 25
ISBN: 978 94 6336 006 7
Font and foundry: Logical (Edgar Walthert), Pressura (Grilli Type)
Binding style: integral binding with a dust jacket
Material: 120gsm Amber Graphic (Antalis) (interior), 210gsm Symbol Card Premium White (Fedrigoni) (memory game cards), 140gsm Amber Graphic (Antalis) (endpapers), 240gsm Symbol Card Premium White (Fedrigoni) (binding), 150gsm Lumi Gloss (Grafo Lit) (dust jacket)