Rob Kenner, Kevin Powell

Tupac Biggie

The Photo Shoots for VIBE Magazine

Edition: 2018
Release date: September 2018
Language: English
Final editor: Christine Gardner
Picture editor: Dana Lixenberg, Linda van Deursen, Marietta de Vries
Photographer: Dana Lixenberg
Artist: Dana Lixenberg
Publisher / commissioner: Roma Publications, Amsterdam
Available through: Webshop, bookshop
Designer: Mevis & Van Deursen (Amsterdam)
Lithographer: Colour & Books (Sebastiaan Hanekroot), Apeldoorn
Printer: Wilco Art Books, Amersfoort
Binder: Wilco Art Books, Amersfoort
Dimensions: 240 x 340 x 5
Amount of pages: 64 + poster
Number of copies: 5,000
Price: € 22
ISBN: Univers 57, Univers 58 (Linotype), Bee Light (URW Studio)
Font and foundry: Univers 57, Univers 58 (Linotype), Bee Light (URW Studio)
Binding style: Stapled, poster (132 x 91.5 cm) folded and secured in the spine using an extra staple
Paper interior: 130gsm Magno Gloss, Sappi
Cover material: 350gsm Chromolux 200, Igepa
Other technical features: Poster stapled in spine.