Gerard Unger

Theory of Type Design

Edition: 2018
Release date: August 2018
Language: English
Final editor: Christopher Burke
Picture editor: Gerard Unger
Illustrator: Hansje van Halem
Publisher / commissioner: nai010 uitgevers, Rotterdam
Available through: Webshop
Designer: Hansje van Halem (Amsterdam)
Lithographer: Wilco Art Books, Amersfoort
Printer: Wilco Art Books; Offsetdrukkerij Jan de Jong (schutbladen), Amersfoort, Amsterdam
Binder: Boekbinderij Van Waarden, Zaandam
DTP / typesetting: Hansje van Halem, Amsterdam
Dimensions: 160 x 240
Amount of pages: 240
Number of copies: 1,500
Retail price in euros: € 34.95
ISBN: 9789462084407
Font and foundry: Alverata, Sanserata, Demos
Binding style: Gebonden
Paper interior: 90gsm Munken Premium Cream 1.95, Arctic Paper | Antalis
Paper end papers: 170gsm Lessebo naturel, Igepa
Cover material: 120gsm Wibalin Natural White, Winter & Company
Other technical features: Cover with silver and golden foil. End papers printed in gold and orange Pantone