Richard Niessen, Dirk van Weelden

The Palace of Typographic Masonry

Edition: 2018
Release date: September 2018
Language: English
Translator: Willem Kramer
Final editor: Richard Niessen
Picture editor: Richard Niessen, Esther de Vries
Illustrator: Nejc Prah, Fanette Mellier, Studio Moniker
Artist: Richard Niessen
Publisher / commissioner: Spector Books, Niessen & De Vries, Leipzig, Amsterdam
Available through: Webshop
Designer: Esther de Vries (Amsterdam)
Printer: ArtLibro | Coers & Roest, Arnhem
Binder: Patist, Den Dolder
Producer: Richard Niessen, Amsterdam
Dimensions: 215 x 297 x 30
Amount of pages: 348
Number of copies: 1,100
Retail price in euros: € 42.50
ISBN: 9783959052030
Font and foundry: Courier Prime
Binding style: Sewn soft cover with creases
Paper interior: 90gsm EOS 2.0, 135gsm Maxi Gloss, Igepa
Cover material: 250gsm Starline Greyback, Igepa
Concept book and design: Richard Niessen en Esther de Vries
Other technical features: Screen printing in white and black offset, spot varnishing on cover.