Karin Templin

Street Architecture

Edition: 2018
Release date: January 2017
Language: English
Translator: Wendy Thompson
Final editor: Rosamund Diamond
Picture editor: Haller Brun
Illustrator: Hans van der Heijden (architectural drawings)
Photographer: Stefan Müller, Karin Templin
Artist: Hans van der Heijden
Publisher / commissioner: Hans van der Heijden Architect, Amsterdam
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Designer: Haller Brun (Amsterdam)
Lithographer: robstolk, Amsterdam
Printer: robstolk, Amsterdam
DTP / typesetting: Haller Brun, Amsterdam
Dimensions: 210 x 300 x 12
Amount of pages: 128
Number of copies: 750
Retail price in euros: € 40,10
ISBN: 978-90-828082-0-9
Font and foundry: Neue Haas Unica, Monotype / Lyon, Commercial Type
Binding style: Sewn soft cover
Paper interior: 120gsm Munken Polar rough, Arctic Paper | Antalis
Cover material: 300gsm Munken Polar, Arctic Paper | Antalis