Sigrid Calon


Within the grid and beyond the pattern 120 compositions in form & colour

Edition: 2020
Release date: March 2020
Artist: Sigrid Calon
Publisher / commissioner: Sigrid Calon, Tilburg
Available through: Webshop
Designer: Sigrid Calon (Tilburg)
Lithographer: Sigrid Calon, Tilburg
Printer: Sigrid Calon, Tilburg
Binder: Handboekbinderij Judith van Daal, Dodewaard
Dimensions: 166 x 217 x 37
Amount of pages: 272
Number of copies: 750
Price: € 145
Binding style: Swiss-style cut-flush binding
Paper interior: 100gsm EOS 2.0, Igepa
Paper end papers: 120gsm Conquerer Briljant White
Cover material: Brillianta Calandré beige
Dust jacket material: 100gsm EOS 2.0, Igepa
Other technical features: Two-color drum Risography duplicating machine (MZ1070E) has been used. In addition to six standard Risography colors, two new colors of ink have been specially made, based on rice pulp. No heat is used in the printing process, the paper dries on racks. Square and circle at the binding are embossed with a matte gold foil. The dust jacket is an extra long Risography print covered by a transparent silkscreen layer.