Peter Goes, Sylvia Vanden Heede

Peter Goes – Tijdlijn. Een Reis door de Geschiedenis

A chock-full exploration of the history of the world, from the Big Bang to the present (even the attack on Charlie Hebdo gets a mention), rendered accessible in striking drawings that almost send your head spinning, there’s so much in them. And all this in an unorthodox format. This is Peter Goes’s Tijdlijn (Timeline). In this modern-looking book – though the colours are suggestive of something created decades ago – everything is subservient to the high-quality illustrations.

Particularly for children, this is a real eye-opener in which montage, association and compression create a real journey through time. The designer and artist play interesting games with time, deliberately compressing the course of history without taking too many liberties with the facts. ‘This is good for the complexity of the developing brain,’ observed one panel member. It’s a book that entirely lives up to its promise, both for small children and those a little older. That the cover looks rather Gothic and chaotic is something we can live with. History is sometimes a pit of vipers.


Edition: 2015
Language: Dutch
Publisher / commissioner: Lannoo, Tielt (BE)
Designer: Peter Goes, Ghent (BE)
Lithographer: Steurs graphic solutions, Antwerp (BE)
Printer: Neografia, Martin-Priekopa (SK)
Binder: Neografia, Martin-Priekopa (SK)
Dimensions: 275 x 380 x 14
Amount of pages: 80 p.
Number of copies: 5,000
Price: € 24.99
ISBN: 978 94 014 2628 2
Font and foundry: Birch (Adobe)
Binding style: sewn hardback with a rounded spine; the first and last pages of the interior are the endpapers
Material: 170gsm Amber Graphic (interior), 150gsm MC over grey board (binding)