Hugo Engwerda, Timo Meester


Pioniersjaren van graffiti in Groningen 1978 -1992

Book coverKladmuur
Book coverKladmuur
Edition: 2021
Release date: November 2021
Language: Dutch, English
Translator: Sjef Weller
Final editor: Hugo Engwerda
Picture editor: Hugo Engwerda, Timo Meester
Illustrator: Timo Meester
Publisher / commissioner: Stichting Kladmuur, Groningen
Available through: Bookshop, webshop
Designer: Timo Meester (Groningen)
Lithographer: Chemistry Printshop, Leeuwarden
Printer: Chemistry Printshop, Leeuwarden
Binder: Chemistry Printshop, Leeuwarden
Dimensions: 24 x 18 cm
Amount of pages: 180
Number of copies: 500
Price: € 50
Binding style: Centre stitching
Paper interior: 90gsm EOS 2.0, 135gsm Colorplan Factory Yellow, 90gsm Paperwise Natural
Cover material: 200gsm Favini Crush Citrus
Other technical features: Risoprint